How to Use this Playbook

A video camera pointed at a meeting of people

This TV News Playbook explores how local television newsrooms have been implementing a solutions journalism approach to telling stories. Through a range of case studies and story examples, the guide describes tools and tactics from stations across the country.

There are several ways to explore the content. You can enter through the stations section, which allows you to navigate to examples by market, geographic area or ownership group.

In the storytelling section, you’ll find examples of different types of solutions-based stories from local stations, with embedded video where available. From there, you can jump to the case studies, where you’ll see how each station planned and executed a solutions project. Or you can start with the case studies, which link to the story examples.

Audience engagement is often part of a solutions journalism project. The engagement section shares strategies used by several local TV stations to connect with viewers and the community at large.

The last section of this Playbook is a set of best practices that have emerged from our interactions with TV newsrooms, regardless of size or location. These are intended to be a handy reference for reporters, producers and news managers as they seek to adopt a solutions approach in their newsrooms.