Reinforce the Concept

Stations where “solutions” is part of the everyday conversation produce more solutions journalism.

  • Use editorial meetings as an opportunity to discuss what solutions journalism is, why you’re doing it, and to highlight good solutions work by your newsroom or others. (Find local TV examples in the Story Tracker.)
  • Remind reporters regularly to ask key questions when covering stories: “Who’s doing it better?” “How are you measuring success?” and “What are the limitations of this approach?”
  • Since turnover is a fact of life in TV newsrooms, designate an in-house solutions journalism “champion” or trainer to bring newly-hired staff up to speed and to provide story guidance.


KGTV news director Ed Chapuis created a one-page bullet list of key points about solutions journalism and sent a copy to all staff, from interns to managers. He also had it laminated and posted around the newsroom.