No more vodka and gin. OC distillery now makes hand sanitizer to fight coronavirus

Two LA companies, Blinking Owl Distillery and La La Production and Design, have repurposed their production facilities to produce personal protective equipment for medical workers. La La Production used to produce luxury leather goods, but it now produces face masks and single-use gowns. It now is producing 5,000 units of masks and 6,000 gowns a day but still growing. Blinking Owl Distillery used to produce luxury alcohol, but is now making the switch to producing hand sanitizer. They are quickly ramping up production to produce 2,000-4,000 gallons a week.

This is a rapid response story about a coping strategy. Due to the urgent crisis, we are relaxing the ‘evidence of effectiveness’ criterion for solutions coverage on COVID-19 to capture early stage, improvisational, and experimental responses that cope with the pandemic.

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