Journalists and newsrooms are producing community-informed, equity-focused climate solutions journalism.

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How 9 Newsrooms Are Shifting to Climate Solutions Reporting

In study after study, climate change appears as one of top issues making people most anxious about the future and least optimistic the problem can be solved. In fact, it seems much of the alarm-first journalistic coverage has led to people retreating into disengagement and disbelief. Discover how that's starting to change.

In an ideal world, journalists would be leading a global conversation on how to solve climate change. They would highlight what works, keep politicians and businesses accountable, and point to ways that governments, organizations, communities and individuals are responding. Not every climate story can or should be focused on the response, but many of them should be, and most of them aren’t.

We’re working to change that. Here’s how.

We collaborate with and support both individual journalists and newsrooms in improving and growing the practice of rigorous, community-informed and equity-focused climate solutions journalism. We started this work in 2020 with our Business and Sustainability Initiative, and since then we’ve supported more than 30 newsrooms, trained hundreds of journalists and amplified the impact of countless solutions journalism stories.

In 2023, we completed two major initiatives: our Climate Solutions Cohort, with 20 fellows from every corner of the U.S., who honed not only their own practice but also the practice of climate solutions journalism; and our Climate Beacon Newsroom Initiative (CBNI), with nine news outlets engaging with their communities and making equity and solutions a central focus of their coverage of the climate crisis. We’re delighted to share the Tips and Insights for Climate Solutions Practice created by the fellows, and the Climate Solutions Teaching Modules produced by each of the CBNI Climate Leaders. And check out our Story Map highlighting the work of these newsrooms and the stories they published.

We’re gearing up to launch both these programs again in 2024. We're launching the 2024 Climate Solutions Cohort now, and we’ll be opening applications for Round 2 of the Climate Beacons early this spring. Stay tuned!