Africa Initiative

Newsrooms and journalists across East and West Africa are expanding solutions journalism reporting.

Lagos, Nigeria 10th Anniversary Party

How Nigeria Health Watch helped bring solutions journalism to Nigeria and beyond

Discover some of the most inspiring work and takeaways from across Nigeria and the West African region as shared by project coordinators and participants. 

"An Extra Mile": How Science Africa helped bring solutions journalism to Kenya and the East African region

After almost three years of active training for journalists and lecturers in newsrooms and universities, the first-of-a-kind Solutions Journalism Africa Initiative led by Science Africa, along with Nigeria Health Watch in West Africa, came to a close in June 2023. This video showcases some of the most salient insights and impacts from across Kenya and the East African region.

The Africa Initiative spans East and West Africa, providing formal training and learning resources to 60 newsrooms. Starting with Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda, this three-year initiative is building a network of solutions journalism-focused fellows, trainers and media entrepreneurs across the continent.

Through our partners Nigeria Health Watch and Science Africa, we work with newsrooms at the community and national levels to support reporting that prioritizes the multilingual, multicultural and multimedia needs of diverse African audiences.