Solutions Journalism Training

The Solutions Journalism approach can advance your reporting and increase audience engagement. Start learning with these solutions journalism tools:

Where to Start

Live Training

Beyond the basics, we offer webinars on topics ranging from audience engagement to how to find and vet data for solutions stories. Check back soon for updates.

As part of our work to center equity and inclusion, we’re giving journalists tools to provide more accurate narratives about marginalized communities. Asset-Framing is the practice of defining people by their assets and contributions before noting their challenges. We’re working with Trabian Shorters of BMe to train journalists in how to recognize and use Asset-Framing, with the goal of helping repair the destructive narratives that people of color have condemned as complicit in violence and oppression. Stay tuned for more information on how to participate in an upcoming Asset-Framing training.

You also can find us at conferences and events around the world. Here’s what’s coming up.

Other Events

We don't have any events of this type scheduled currently, but check back soon or subscribe to an SJN newsletter for updates.

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Accredited Solutions Journalism Trainers

Looking for a solutions journalism training in your region or language? Around the world, we have accredited trainers who are solutions journalism pros. They would love to hear from you. To reach any of these trainers, please contact Nina Fasciaux and Kyuwon Lee.


Abaas  Mpindi

Abaas Mpindi


Aché  Adoum Attimer

Aché Adoum Attimer

Chad / Senegal

Adaobi N. Ezeokoli

Adaobi N. Ezeokoli


Chibuike  Alagboso

Chibuike Alagboso


Dina  Aboughazala

Dina Aboughazala

Egypt / Turkey

Esther  Nakazzi

Esther Nakazzi


Seun  Durojaiye

Seun Durojaiye


Ann  Mikia

Ann Mikia



Corinne  Podger

Corinne Podger


Kavita  Chandran

Kavita Chandran


Portia  Ladrido

Portia Ladrido


Praveeni  Senanayake

Praveeni Senanayake

Sri Lanka

Sanne  Breimer

Sanne Breimer

The Netherlands / Indonesia

Swati Sanyal Tarafdar

Swati Sanyal Tarafdar


Joydeep  Dasgupta

Joydeep Dasgupta



Catherine  Edward

Catherine Edward


Charlotte  Horn

Charlotte Horn


Elena  Ledda

Elena Ledda


Esma  Kučukalić

Esma Kučukalić

Spain / Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hanna  Liubakova

Hanna Liubakova

Belarus / Poland

Jeremy  Druker

Jeremy Druker

Czech Republic

Jessica  Phelan

Jessica Phelan


Justina  Ilkevičiūtė

Justina Ilkevičiūtė


Lisa  Urlbauer

Lisa Urlbauer


Lucie  Černá

Lucie Černá

Czech Republic

Mara  Bierbach

Mara Bierbach


Meenal  Thakur

Meenal Thakur

The Netherlands / Belgium

Nicole  Ely

Nicole Ely

Czech Republic

Olha  Virsta

Olha Virsta


Rhiannon  Davies

Rhiannon Davies


Sophie  Roland

Sophie Roland


 Amée  Zoutberg

Amée Zoutberg


Assunta  Corbo

Assunta Corbo


Boryana  Dzhambazova

Boryana Dzhambazova


 Anida  Sokol

Anida Sokol

Bosnia and Herzegovina

 Vera  Penêda

Vera Penêda

The Netherlands

 Marjan  Tillmans

Marjan Tillmans

The Netherlands

Latin America

Barbara  Fraser

Barbara Fraser


Camille  Padilla Dalmau

Camille Padilla Dalmau

Puerto Rico

Mariela   Castañón

Mariela Castañón


Carolina   Gil Posse

Carolina Gil Posse


Cristhian  Barragan Falla

Cristhian Barragan Falla


Jonathan  Gutiérrez

Jonathan Gutiérrez


 Fabrice Le Lous

Fabrice Le Lous

Costa Rica

Laura  Quiñones

Laura Quiñones

Colombia / U.S.

Leonardo   Gómez Ponce

Leonardo Gómez Ponce


Hildegard  Willer

Hildegard Willer


Adriana   González Escobar

Adriana González Escobar

El Salvador

U.S. & Canada

Sarah   Ladik

Sarah Ladik


Tulsi   Kamath

Tulsi Kamath


Damaso   Reyes

Damaso Reyes

U.S. / Spain

Hugo  Balta

Hugo Balta


 Kimberley  Hartwig

Kimberley Hartwig


 Nora  Hertel

Nora Hertel


Kim  Gamel

Kim Gamel


 Chris  Winters

Chris Winters


 Carolyn  Robinson

Carolyn Robinson


 Kayla  Benjamin

Kayla Benjamin


Reporting Resources

Finding Story Ideas

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next solutions story, check out 77 Places to Find SJ Story Ideas — a crowdsourced list of the databases, innovator networks, think tanks and online resources our journalists have used to report solutions stories.

Our Solutions Story Tracker® is a curated, searchable database of solutions journalism stories. It offers an inspiring and useful collection of the thousands of ways people are working to solve problems around the world.

Source: Mikhael Simmonds

Got an idea for a journalist in our network to cover? You can share your tip (and browse the tips others have shared) in our Solutions Leads Database.

Finding and Vetting Data

Strong solutions reporting requires rigorous, evidence-based analysis of how people are responding to problems. That often means finding and evaluating data that illuminates how well an effort is working — the school-based initiative that really does reduce absenteeism, for example, or government policies that have reduced opiate overdoses.

We can help you develop the data skills you need, including how to identify “positive deviants” — outliers in data that might point to a place that has found success and is making a difference. Often, journalists look through data to find failures — the highest poverty rates, the bleakest health outcomes. But that’s not the only story data can tell. And reporting on places that have found a successful path can strengthen your accountability journalism and better serve your audiences.

For help using data in your solutions reporting, whether you’re seeking advice on acquiring datasets or help making sense of an Excel spreadsheet — or specialized training on positive deviants — contact our data specialist, Matthew Kauffman.

Digging Deeper by Issue

We’re building communities of practice around solutions coverage of society’s most urgent challenges through our issue-driven initiatives. SJN initiatives bring together journalists and newsrooms to pursue similar projects on specific topics, and we share these learnings and related information and resources for reporters through Solutions in Focus. Currently, we’re focusing on climate, economic mobility, democracy, and health.

Stay Connected

Our weekly flagship newsletter Above the Fold, focuses on opportunities for journalists, celebrates newsrooms doing great work, and shares news from our world.

The Whole Story blog features tips, tools, and case studies. Do you work in a small newsroom that’s wondering how to do solutions stories? We’ve written about that. Want to raise money to support solutions reporting? We’ve written about that, too, and much more.