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News organizations around the world are transforming journalism — and their communities. See how a global network of news organizations and journalists uses solutions journalism to strengthen communities, advance equity, build trust, increase civic engagement, depolarize public discourse and discover new sources of revenue.

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After Prism, a national nonprofit led by journalists of color, published a story that examined the advantages of a four-day workweek, the publication itself adopted a four-day schedule ( In an article explaining that decision (, Ashton Lattimore, Prism's editor-in-chief, said the newsroom found that the benefits far outweighed the challenges.
Columbia College Chicago
Jordyn Harrison won in the “Places” category of the 2022 Student Magazine Contest organized by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication for her solutions story “Growing Community in Vacant Chicago Lots.” She wrote this story, which was published by Yes! magazine, as part of Professor Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin’s solutions journalism course at Columbia College Chicago in Fall 2021.
Audience engagement
Montana Free Press
In expanding its coverage into five new markets, Montana Free Press found that local-level solutions reporting had the potential to increase readership at a higher rate than traditional reporting. Locally based solutions stories published in those new markets attracted 53% more unique visitors than the average local story and garnered 40 percent more newsletter signups than other stories. In addition, the number of people who read the solutions stories all the way through was almost 50 percent higher than those reading traditional problem-based stories.
Organic spread
News Literacy Network
Jodie Jackson, a longtime champion of solutions journalism and author of “You Are What You Read: Why Changing Your Media Diet Can Change the World,” launched the News Literacy Network ( in August 2022. A significant part of the organization’s work will be dedicated to solutions journalism, including “in-depth resources about what solutions journalism is and how to find it, with an aim to go into newsrooms in the future to talk about how to create it.”
Organic spread
National Public Radio (NPR)
National Public Radio hired its first climate solutions reporter, Julia Simon, in late 2022, with a mandate “to give our audiences an understanding of the scientific, behavioral and policy solutions people are adopting to address the catastrophic consequences of climate change.” Neela Banerjee, who leads the climate desk at NPR, said that many factors led to the creation of the position, including learning about solutions journalism through SJN. NPR now is producing solutions-oriented climate coverage at the national and local levels, fostered by its collaborative of individual stations focusing on this topic. In October 2023, NPR dedicated a whole week of coverage to climate solutions. (Disclosure: The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, which supports the climate solutions position at NPR, also has funded some of SJN’s climate work.)
Organic spread
Trilateral Journalist Exchange Program
The 7th Trilateral Journalist Exchange Program organized by the Trilateral Cooperation Secretariat (TCS), an intergovernmental foreign relations organization in East Asia, focused on solutions journalism as a means to cope with problem-centered reporting in the region. Twelve journalists from large news organizations in South Korea, China and Japan attended the event, for which SJN was a consultant.

How solutions journalism works — in Kampala, Uganda

Former Solutions Journalism Network LEDE Fellows Caleb Okereke of Minority Africa and Abaas Mpindi of Media Challenge Initiative illustrate the impact of solutions journalism on their work and how its spread can counteract harmful stereotypes of Africa.

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