CTN Story Recipe

Creating a Complicating the Narratives-style story takes experimentation, curiosity and sometimes a willingness to step outside one’s comfort zone. It’s about listening differently to sources, asking more revealing questions, effectively introducing opposing viewpoints, and embracing nuance in your reporting. The result is a more accurate, inclusive and comprehensive story.

As the world has no shortage of mouthwatering chili recipes, with time there will be dozens of CTN story recipes you can use as inspiration. While the ingredients may vary, the final product can satisfy the soul when a few key items are incorporated. That’s how you should think about this CTN story recipe. We’ve listed a handful of essential ingredients, and with time you’ll find yourself testing different concoctions to see what resonates with and challenges you and your audience.

Just as cooking is all about new discoveries, so, too, is the Complicating the Narratives journey. Enjoy, and be kind to yourselves.

Download the full CTN story recipe here.