Advancing Democracy (U.S. newsrooms)

Statue of a gun with its barrel tied in a knot

Credit: Erika Page/The Christian Science Monitor

Nearly all newsrooms cover politics, but few spend much time on democracy — the electoral and governmental systems that make our country what it is. Our Advancing Democracy initiative is changing that. We have supported 100 projects that examine what’s strengthening our democratic health — who is making it easier to vote, for example, as well as who is motivating more young voters to show up at the polls and where public participation in civic life is making a difference.

Around the 2022 elections, we brought together newsrooms serving excluded communities to focus on coverage of enfranchisement. We’re also partnering with Hearken and Trusting News to support newsrooms that want to reinvent the way they cover politics and government, including involving citizens in coverage decisions in a much deeper way.

Looking to cover democracy with a solutions lens? Check out our illustrated solutions reporting checklist and examples of solutions journalism on democracy topics.