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Solutions Insights Lab

The Solutions Insights Lab is a targeted research and analysis service focused on identifying and interrogating what’s working and what’s not in a particular sector or field. It employs interviewing techniques drawn from the solutions journalism approach, but is not a work of journalism and is appropriately separated with a firewall from SJN’s core journalism work.

The Solutions Journalism Network is helping journalists and other media makers report on evidence-based responses to problems that many people assume are unsolvable. By exposing people to what's working, solutions reporting offers a more holistic, accurate view of the world, while building credible hope.

What happens when the journalistic principles of solutions journalism are applied in a non-journalistic system – in this case, social change? The Solutions Insights Lab, an initiative of SJN, uncovers insights, themes and patterns that can inspire and inform social change organizations. Working with notable organizations from around the globe, the Lab is a resource for social entrepreneurs, investors, nonprofits, NGOs and more. And it all starts with two questions: What's working? And what can we learn?


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The Solutions Insights Lab integrates the elements of the solutions framework into research on social change. These elements include:

The Response

Focuses on a response to a social problem — and on how that response has worked, or why it hasn’t.


Shows what can be learned from a response and why it matters.


Provides data or qualitative results that indicate effectiveness (or lack thereof).


Places responses in context; doesn’t shy away from revealing shortcomings.

What's Working

What's Working features interviews and news articles about organizations advancing social change


In an initiative supported by the Skoll Foundation, the Solutions Insights Lab created a database of interviews with people working to advance social change in different fields. It also includes previously published news stories about their organizations. The result: a website where you can search across sectors, regions and topics to learn about efforts to solve social problems and see patterns that run through them.

The individuals interviewed were representatives of a wide range of organizations advancing social change, many of which have received support from the Skoll Foundation over the past 20 years and/or attended the Skoll World Forum. The interviews are intended to surface insights based on their experiences that could be useful to others — what worked and what didn’t, and why.

The interviews do not represent endorsement by the Solutions Journalism Network, which is an independent, nonpartisan organization that does not advocate any particular approach to social change.

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