EJC: "How New Internationalist Used Solutions Journalism To Show the Complexity of Decolonisation"

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A recent project by New Internationalist called "Decolonize How?" uses solutions journalism to explore what it could mean to “decolonize” when it comes to addressing inequality and global poverty.

"The subjects we covered included land rights, tax justice, trans rights, debt and the movements working to challenge colonial narratives," the news outlet, based in Oxford, England, shared with the European Journalism Centre (EJC).

"The series succeeded in exposing how important the past is to the present. And why the ongoing impacts of colonialism are not something to ignore if we truly want to address inequality. It also explored some of the ways these impacts could be addressed, using solutions journalism as a framework to show complexity."

New Internationalist received a grant from EJC in partnership with SJN through the Solutions Journalism Accelerator program.