How to Use this Guide

This Engagement Guide will explore the connection between solutions journalism and engagement through a range of case studies that feature newsroom leaders speaking about their experience implementing various engagement mechanisms. The guide will describe tools, tactics, lessons learned, and best practices for audience and community engagement strategies and activities in service of solutions objectives.

There are several ways to dig in. You can enter through the diagnostic, which asks you to think about how engagement can advance your solutions journalism goals. Just click on a relevant objective, and you will be directed to relevant case studies that illustrate that impact in action.

Alternatively, you may wish to directly access the case studies. The case studies are tagged by impact; note that case studies illustrate multiple impacts.

The last section of this Guide is a set of engagement best practices that have emerged across our universe of newsroom partners, regardless of size, geography, or medium. These are intended to be a handy reference for reporters and editors as they go about designing their own activities and building them into newsroom practice.