Pitch Your Story

So you’ve learned how to report and write solutions journalism. You attended a workshop to brainstorm story ideas. Now you’ve honed your idea, unearthed the data to back it up and drafted a killer lede. The ultimate goal is to publish your solutions journalism.

Below is a list of media organizations that accept solutions pitches from freelancers, as well as notes on how they want to be pitched and pay rates for freelancers. (We include only publications that pay because, well, who wants to work for free?) If any of this information changes and we don’t catch it, please let us know. And if you know of an outlet (or work for one) that accepts solutions pitches, shoot us an email and we’ll add the information.

If you’re a freelancer who wants to connect with more editors who commission solutions stories, or if you’re an editor who wants to connect with more freelancers with solutions reporting experience, join the Solutions Journalism Talent Network. Also, check out our three-part series on How to Pitch Solutions Journalism.

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