We are working hard to create spaces where journalists can come together, digitally or in person, and learn from one another.


Connect in the U.S.

The Local Media Project - a multiyear initiative to strengthen local media ecosystems - is catalyzing collaboratives across the country that report on pressing challenges in their communities with a solutions journalism perspective. Learn more.

Connect in Africa

Looking to connect with fellow journalists doing solutions reporting in Africa? Sign up for our Africa Newsletter.

Parlez-vous français? Le Groupe Facebook Solutions Journalism Network en français, et “Des Nouvelles du SJN,” la newsletter en français.

Our partners in East and West Africa that lead work and train in solutions journalism are:

  • Science Africa, a news organization in Kenya specializing in science and health journalism, with a network across the continent.
  • Nigeria Health Watch, which uses informed advocacy and communication to influence health policy and seek better access to health care in Nigeria.

If you work in a newsroom or other media organization based in Africa and want to partner with us, reach out to Caroline Karobia, Africa Initiative Manager.

Connect in Asia

If you work in a newsroom or other media organization based in Asia and want to partner with us, reach out to Kyuwon Lee, International Associate.

Portia Ladrido, the co-founder and editor of INKLINE, a solutions-focused international media platform, has also created a Facebook group for all interested in solutions journalism in the Philippines.

Connect in Canada

Strengthening Media in Canada through a Rights-Based Solutions Approach is JHR’s first national Canadian program. This program is being delivered in partnership with the Solutions Journalism Network with funding from the McConnell Family Foundation. The program brings together solutions journalism training and human rights journalism training to Canadian journalists for the first time.

Sarah Ladik Solutions Journalism trainer & Project manager

Jordan MacInnis Director, Domestic Programs

Connect in Europe

Connect with fellow European-based journalists online via our Europe Facebook Group and Europe newsletter, Found in Translation. En français, il y a le Groupe Facebook Solutions Journalism Network en français et la Newsletter en français.

There are several Europe-based organizations leading work in solutions journalism:

  • Transitions is a Prague-based magazine and journalism training organization covering post-communist Europe and Central Asia in English with a solutions focus. Transitions also provides trainings and some funding for solutions coverage.
  • Constructive Network is based in Italy, promoting solutions journalism and teaching it.
  • Constructive Institute, based in Denmark, promotes a new approach to journalism, including solutions journalism.
  • Bonn Institute is based in Germany, promotes a new approach to journalism, including solutions journalism.
  • Constructive Journalism is a network of constructive journalism professionals and highlights their efforts around the world.
  • CoJo Against COVID is a project led by Bournemouth University in England to investigate the impact of solutions journalism on the pandemic recovery.
  • Instituto de Periodismo Constructivo is based in Spain, promoting solutions journalism and teaching it.
  • The European Journalism Centre, based in Maastricht, has included solutions journalism in its journalism programs. In 2022, it launched the Solutions Journalism Accelerator, in partnership with SJN, to spread and support the practice of solutions journalism in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. You can subscribe to the "Solutions, Explained" newsletter here.
  • Reporters d’Espoirs and Sparknews, both based in France, promote solutions journalism and other global journalism initiatives.

If you work in a newsroom or other media organization based in Europe and want to partner with us, reach out to Nina Fasciaux, Europe Manager.

Connect in Latin America

Several organizations lead solutions journalism work in Latin America:

  • Fundación Gabo: Based in Cartagena, Colombia, this organization works throughout Latin America to improve journalism. It has created resources on solutions coverage and leads regular solutions journalism trainings.
  • Asociación de Entidades Periodísticas Argentinas (ADEPA): a national network of 180 newsrooms in Argentina that defends freedom and independence of the press. ADEPA has also organized workshops on solutions journalism.
  • Sociedad Interamericana de Prensa(SIP-IAPA): A hemispheric organization devoted to defending freedom of the press in the Americas. It has organized workshops on solutions journalism.

We also recommend connecting with the following solutions journalism experts:

  • Jessic Retis, director of the master’s in bilingual journalism program at the University of Arizona, who plans to bring solutions journalism to the program.
  • Carlos Guyot, CEO and director, RED/ACCIÓN, a digital startup devoted to solutions coverage in Argentina.
  • Fabrice Le Lous, La Nación, Costa Rica, a longtime practitioner of solutions journalism who lectures frequently on the topic.

If you work in a newsroom or other media organization based in Latin America and want to partner with us, or if you’re looking for a solutions journalism trainer / speaker reach out to Fabrice Le Lous, Latin America Consultant.

Solutions Journalism Summit

The Solutions Journalism Summit is our annual gathering of almost 100 journalists from around the world who are intrigued by, inspired by or already smitten with solutions journalism. We don’t want to oversell it, but ... it’s the best.

Why? Well, besides sessions around bonfires and a no-panel guarantee, the summit is one of the only gatherings in the world that digs into the nitty-gritty details of how to do this type of journalism — how to create revenue opportunities around solutions journalism, for one, as well as how to interview differently for solutions stories, how to incorporate engagement activities into them, how to improve solutions pitches to editors, how to hire reporters, etc. While the summit is high-minded and inspiring and fun, it is also decidedly focused on the tactical. It’s organized so that the group collaboratively tackles challenges and shares best practices. In other words, you bring challenges, and everyone else will help you address those challenges — or at the very least connect you with a community of journalists facing similar issues.

To learn more about the next summit, to be held May 2-5, 2022, in Sundance, Utah, visit the summit website.

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