Collections for Discussion

Collections for Discussion

We have created many story collections for educators on various topics, themes or social change strategies. Each of them includes discussion questions and teaching notes. We use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a guide for creating discussion questions, and whenever possible, we include a question that requires students to work in teams. The teaching notes provide support for integrating solutions stories with other course material.

Issue Areas

We offer more than 140 collections of solutions stories on topics such as the Sustainable Development Goals, Climate Solutions, Equity and Social Justice, The Private Sector, Democracy in Action, and Health and Wellbeing. Search the collections here to find stories to enhance your upcoming course, assignment, or discussion group.

UN Global Goals

Climate Solutions

Democracy in Action

Equity and Social Justice

Health and Wellbeing

Success Factors

Success Factors are the tactics we have identified as defining features of the success or failure of a social change strategy. Explore our collections on the SJN Success Factors, such as Addressing Root Causes, Measuring Impact and Expanding Access. To learn more about the Success Factors and why we think they are a useful taxonomy for studying and understanding social change, click here.