Anida  Sokol portrait

Anida Sokol

Bosnia & Herzegovina
Bosanski (Bosnian)
српски (Serbian)
Hrvatski (Croatian)
црногорски (Montenegrin)

Anida Sokol is a media researcher and trainer from Mediacentar Sarajevo and the deputy editor of the online magazine focused on journalism Anida Sokol is a media literacy and solutions journalism trainer and has worked as a lecturer on Politics and the Media and Political Communication at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology and Burch University in Sarajevo. She holds training courses on verification of information, hate speech and ethical standards in journalism.

She is the author of various research studies on the media in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkan region, including on regulation of harmful content online, media consumption habits of young people and media trust, propaganda, disinformation and hate models in the media. She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Political Science, Sapienza University Rome.