Journalist in the Classroom

At the Solutions Journalism Network, we seek to expose news consumers not only to the problems we face as a society, but also to how individuals, institutions and communities are responding to these challenges.

Young Americans’ complicated relationship with the news challenges this work. How do we convince news audiences that they should search out a new kind of journalism if they were not previously interacting with journalism at all? The Journalist in the Classroom program is our answer to that question.

Journalist in the Classroom

The Journalist in the Classroom experience helps students connect the problems they are learning about in class with real-world solutions and the individuals who are reporting on them.

We began this initiative in 2019 with two goals -- to enhance students’ understanding of course content and to increase students’ news literacy. To date, we have introduced solutions journalism to more than 1,000 students in courses including anthropology, sociology, entrepreneurship, environmental studies, and of course journalism and media studies. Course by course, we are helping students understand why solutions journalism is an important component of a well-informed, engaged citizenry.

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