Our mission is to transform journalism so that all people have access to news that helps them envision and build a more equitable and sustainable world.

Journalism is being called to meet an historic moment. Societies around the globe are reeling from inequality, racism, extreme polarization, political dysfunction and environmental crises. Yet journalism is struggling to be the corrective force it can be. Together, we can do better. By covering solutions to local and global challenges, journalists can equip people in all communities with the knowledge to envision and build a more equitable and sustainable world. We aim to ensure, by 2025, that the majority of US news consumers, and increasing numbers globally, have access to solutions journalism, no matter where or how they get their news. To reach that aim, we will engage journalists, educators, other media producers, news organizations and J-schools.

More than 500 news organizations and 20,000 journalists worldwide have worked with us and inspired one another to integrate solutions journalism into their reporting. Research shows that, across all demographics, audiences find solutions stories more interesting, trustworthy and informative, changing their understanding of issues in a way that makes them more enthusiastic about participating in civic life.

We invite you to join us: Bring solutions journalism into your work. Tell others about it. Provide financial support to accelerate its spread. Help make solutions reporting a regular part of the world’s news and social media diet so we can all see — and seize — the possibilities to create a better future.