Economic Mobility

The Solutions Journalism Network is leading a systems-level change in journalism. The journalists and newsrooms who are exploring solutions that increase opportunities for upward economic mobility are a crucial component of our mission to ensure that all people – no matter how or where they get their news – have access to rigorous reporting not only about problems, but about promising and evidence-based responses to them as well. 

Check out the newest economic mobility stories published by news outlets on the forefront of this change, and if you'd like to add a regular dose of better news about the economic mobility to your media diet.

These journalists are tackling the intersections between labor and related topics like climate change, healthcare, immigration and education. In rural and urban settings, in start-ups and well-established publications, they are pursuing answers to questions about which policies, programs and initiatives are providing the resources and creating the right set of circumstances for families to move up the economic ladder - and they are doing it without resorting to dehumanizing or objectifying narratives about poverty.

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