Climate Solutions Cohort

Most media coverage is making the challenge of solving climate change even harder by relentlessly delivering bad, often tragic climate-related news— without digging into solutions. That “negativity bias” directly fuels the demotivating emotions of despondence, helplessness, and apathy in readers. Journalists need to do better, and SJN can show them how.

In August 2022, we kicked off our second climate initiative bringing together 20 fellows from every corner of the U.S. and with a broad range of experience and diversity of voices. See the full roster here. The 60 stories that the fellows in the Climate Solutions Cohort produced not only reached the original media outlet's audience, but also tens of thousands of rural and red state radio audience listeners through our partnership with the Public News Service. 

Resources for climate solutions reporting are below. 

To learn about SJN's other work to advance climate solutions journalism, check out our Climate Solutions page, and to explore recent solutions journalism published by news outlets from around the world, head over to the Solutions Story Tracker or explore the latest climate solutions stories below.

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