Hanoi launches a rice dispenser to help underprivileged overcome Covid-19

A dispenser dubbed "the rice ATM" is providing sustenance for people who are suffering under the effects of the pandemic. From 8 AM to 5 PM every day, citizens stand 6.5 ft apart from each other to receive 3kg of rice a day from the ATM. On the first day they gave 2.3 tons of rice to over 700 people, and they are continuing to service people until the rice runs out. Residents are very happy about the program, with one woman saying that her 3 kg of rice per day can feed her for 4 days.

This is a rapid response story about a coping strategy. Due to the urgent crisis, we are relaxing the ‘evidence of effectiveness’ criterion for solutions coverage on COVID-19 to capture early stage, improvisational, and experimental responses that cope with the pandemic.

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