Brazil's Favelas Aren't Waiting to Be Saved From the Coronavirus

Community organizers are stepping in to help disseminate vital public health information to underserved communities. In Brazil, social organizers like the those behind Our Mothers’ Lives, an organization advocating for paid leave for domestic workers during the COVID-19 crisis, and local journalists, who debunk myths via podcasts like Manda Notícias (Send the News), have taken an important role in conveying public health messages to Brazil’s favela communities. These communicators utilize social media, as well as audio messaging campaigns, handouts, and reporting to inform the communities they serve.

This is a rapid response story about a coping strategy. Due to the urgent crisis, we are relaxing the ‘evidence of effectiveness’ criterion for solutions coverage on COVID-19 to capture early stage, improvisational, and experimental responses that cope with the pandemic.

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