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WGME Control Room

WGME Control Room (Source: Deborah Potter)

We offer specialized training for TV networks and station groups. These online, live, interactive workshops are tailored to the needs and goals of commercial television. We also offer a dedicated Slack channel where participants can share questions and get answers quickly, as well as optional SJN events focused on building a variety of skill-building topics.

One of the nation’s most prominent media research firms, SmithGeiger, talked to over 600 local news consumers in six markets across the country (Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Kansas City, Phoenix and Portland, Maine) in 2020 to understand the impact of a solutions journalism approach compared with the more conventional “here’s a problem we’ve uncovered” story.

SmithGeiger found that audiences are crying out for the hope and reassurance they get with solutions journalism. They found solutions stories more interesting and important than conventional stories, and, crucially, they trusted these stories more. After watching the solutions stories, they were more likely to take action: talk to others about the story, search the internet for more information and feel inspired to get involved. The stories also built loyalty to the stations that aired them. SmithGeiger’s findings were unequivocal: Solutions stories outperformed traditional journalism in all six markets across a number of indicators. The findings did not vary by geography or demographics — or, notably, by political ideology.

We aim to show more TV journalists and executives what solutions journalism is and how it can help them. We seek to make “solutions journalism” a term TV people know. To learn more, reach out to Carolyn Robinson.