LEDE Fellowship (All journalists)

People in masks stand in a garden discussing a photo exhibit

“Positive Deviance” Photo Exhibition, curated by 2020 LEDE Fellow Chibuike Alagboso. The exhibition focused on maternal health and solutions journalism. (Credit: Nigeria Health Watch)

With this fellowship, we’ve designed what we think is one of the most exciting opportunities for journalists who are solutions-oriented entrepreneurs.

Armed with seed funding of up to $3,500 and ample professional development opportunities, the LEDE Fellowship connects and supports journalism entrepreneurs with the goal of accelerating the spread of solutions journalism and creating meaningful impact. We look for projects that:

  • LEVERAGE the network: Fellows familiarize themselves with and seek out the expertise and resources of journalists, community members and others whose work is relevant to their project.

  • ENGAGE the community: Fellows connect with, support and/or celebrate other journalists doing solutions journalism as well as engage with the community that the journalism informs.

  • DISSEMINATE the knowledge: Projects produce (or catalyze the production of) more solutions journalism. Projects also are designed to create insights for fellow journalists, newsrooms and other solutions journalism practitioners in our broader network.

  • ELEVATE what — or who — is missing: Successful projects help tell the whole story about what’s working by amplifying marginalized voices and telling stories that problem-focused reporting misses.

Got an idea for spreading solutions journalism in your community and beyond? Learn more about how to apply for a LEDE Fellowship, and the work of the 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2020 fellows.

Applications open up each autumn. If you'd like to be notified when applications open, fill out our general interest form and sign up for our Above the Fold newsletter.