Increasing Voter Participation in Marginalized Communities

Solutions Journalism Network

Across the U.S., effective initiatives to increase civic engagement are being deployed to connect with voters, to ensure that they have the information and tools they need to vote, and to address structural issues that can make voting more difficult, especially for certain populations. Many of these projects involve reaching out to specific populations – such as young people or communities of color – to provide meaningful opportunities for civic participation, register new voters, and/or provide election day support. Other solutions are aimed at making voting easier and more convenient on a larger scale, with some organizations lobbying for things like early voting and no-excuse absentee voting and voting-by-app opportunities being tested for disabled citizens and/or voters living overseas.

Much of the work done in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election laid the groundwork for more permanent efforts to increase voter participation through increased civic participation, voter education and registration, and election day get-out-the-vote campaigns.  This collection brings together valuable reporting on the innovative and successful ways organizations across the political spectrum are working to increase voter participation in the United States. For more collections on this theme, try this one on the youth vote; this one on gerrymandering; or this one on racial equality and voter suppression.