TV News Takes on Community Development

Solutions Journalism Network

 Local broadcast newsrooms have the critical role of telling relevant, rigorous stories in a small amount of time - often under 3 minutes. This collection looks at local TV news segments that dig into economic development solutions in their communities. Whether discussing the creative financing that goes into revitalizing a neighborhood or the success of local control in city planning, these journalists cut straight to the direct community impact in their solutions story telling. 

In the story "Boomers at work: How to retain the biggest labor pool in Maine," the camera follows baby boomers hard at work to show the success of a program that employees older individuals. In "Churches adopt five blocks in Cleveland's Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood to rehabilitate homes," the story uses visuals to show the transformation of blighted houses into livable homes. All these stories use visual documentation and a community impact-centered narrative as tools in telling effective solutions journalism in a quick, digestible way.