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Journalism and democracy are inextricably linked. The practice of journalism plays a critical role in the democratic process, not only by increasing transparency and keeping the public informed, but also by empowering and amplifying the voices of various communities. Furthermore, research shows that the simple act of picking up a newspaper can boost turnout among non-voters.

However, even with today’s unprecedented access to information, the press is faced with major challenges. Local news struggles to break through the cacophony of global headlines vying for consumers’ attention. All over the globe, journalists face backlash and threats. In the United States, news organizations denounced President Trump’s characterization of the press as “the enemy of the people” as well as his weaponization of the term “fake news.” And yet, the ease with which disinformation spreads makes protecting the values of fair and balanced journalism all the more challenging.

Producers and consumers of journalism must both remain vigilant. Journalists may see themselves as objective witnesses. However, if journalists only focus on what’s going wrong in the world, they fail to portray an accurate picture. Consumers of news, for their part, must also be careful to discern careful reporting from disinformation. This collection contains solutions-oriented stories that report on what’s working to strengthen journalism and democracy worldwide.

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