Violence Against Women

Solutions Journalism Network

According to the WHO, violence is one of the leading causes of death worldwide for people between the ages of 15-44 and accounts for an untold number of physical, sexual, mental, and reproductive health issues. While this statistic encompasses all genders and types of violence, abuse and assault that is specifically linked to gender and social inequality places large sections of the population at constantly elevated risk. 

In nations where social protection policies and programs are already under considerable strain, falling wages, the deterioration of basic infrastructure, and steady reductions in the quality and quantity of health, education and social services inevitably lead to increased rates of violence at home. Because domestic and sexual violence are a major public health crisis and a violation of women's human rights, governments have an obligation to fund and prioritize social protection services; in the meantime, activists are taking matters into their own hands to protect and support women who have experienced violence.

This collection contains stories of solutions adopted by educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, NGOs, and legislators to provide resources to women who have been impacted by violence and provide deterrents to men in hopes of curbing future aggression.